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Student Award

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Aliza Beverage

Beverage wins 2018 Jones Scholarship

Aliza Beverage won the 2018 Laverne and Ted Jones Scholarship in Undergraduate Astrophysics.

Chworowsky wins 2018 Swanson Scholarship

Katie Chworowsky won the 2018 Swanson Scholarship in Astrophysics.

Lance Davis

Davis wins 2018 Swanson Scholarship

Lance Davis wins the 2018 Hazel Swanson Scholarship for Undergraduate Astrophysics. Davis is from Zimmerman, MN. He plans to use the award to pay for tuition. His research is in the field of space physics. I am investigating how electromagnetic waves near interplanetary shocks affect particle distributions. He is also involved with the FOXSI project.

Evgeniy Kurianovych

Kurianovych wins 2018 award Greiling Fellowship

Evgeniy Kurianovych won the 2018 Robert E. Greiling Jr. Fellowship. He is originally from Ukraine. He plans to use the award money to support his summer research. His area of research is supersymmetric quantum field theory with applications to condensed matter and quantum chromodynamics.

Bergstedt wins 2018 Hagstrum Award

Kendra Bergstedt won the 2018 Hagstrum Award in Physics.

Yiming Wu

Wu wins 2018 Goldman Fellowship

Yiming Wu won the 2018 Professor Allen M. Goldman Fellowship. Wu is originally from China and he plans to use the fellowship to support his summer research. Wu is a condensed matter theorist, focusing on quantum phase transition, superconductivity in strongly correlated systems and non-Fermi liquids.

Kendra Bergstedt

Bergstedt wins 2018 Hagstrum Award

Kendra Bergstedt won the 2018 Hagstrum Award in Physics.

Mengxing Ye

Ye wins 2018 Larkin Fellowship

Mengxing Ye won the 2018 Anatoly Larkin Fellowship. She is originally from China. Ye plans to use the fellowship to support her summer research. She works in condensed matter theory with a focus on understanding the nature of magnetism in a magnetic field. Recently, she is also involved with interpreting the thermal transport in frustrated magnetism.

Aaron Hammann

Hammann wins 2018 Hagstrum Award

Aaron Hammann won the 2018 Hagrsum Award in Physics.

Timothy Peterson

Peterson wins 2018 Rahman Award

Tim Peterson won the 2018 Aneesur Rahman Award. Peterson is originally from Richfield, MN. He received my undergraduate degree from Bethel University in Arden Hills, MN. Peterson used the award to buy a new bicycle to use for commuting. His research at the University focused on Condensed Matter Experiment, specifically on the study of novel magnetic materials for next-generation spintronic device performance. He graduated in April 2018 and has begun as a Scientist at Honeywell Aerospace in Plymouth, MN.

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