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Aaron Breidenbach

Breidenbach wins the 2017 Basford Scholarship

Aaron Breidenbach won the 2017 Jeffrey Basford Scholarship.

Elena Hafner

Hafner wins 2017 Franklin Scholarship

Elena Hafner won 2017 Edmond G. Franklin Scholarships.

Evan Tyler

Tyler wins 2017 Burlaga Fellowship

Evan Tyler won the 2017 Leonard F. Burlaga/Arctowski Medal Fellowship. Tyler moved around a lot growing up: North Carolina, New Mexico, Germany, and Virginia. He plans to use the fellowship to attend the Geospace Environment Modeling (GEM) conference and the Solar Heliospheric & INterplanetary Environment (SHINE) conference in order to present two of his research projects. Tyler will also be working on preparing this research during the Summer, as well as continuing his work as the Outreach Coordinator for MIfA. More »

Arpit wins 2017 Jones Scholarship

Arora Arpit won the 2017 Laverne and Ted Jones Scholarship for Undergraduate Astrophysics. Arpit is originally from India. About the scholarship he said, "I am thankful to the university for this Jones award. My family is the major contributor towards my tuition fee and cost of attendance. There is a big disparity between USD and INR, the Jones award is a welcome respite on my shoestring budget." More »

Lukas Wiedman

Wiedman wins 2017 Franklin Scholarship

I give my permission for the use of my name, photo, and quotations on the University of Minnesota School of Physics and Astronomy website. Lukas Wiedman won a 2017 Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship. He is originally from Villa Park, a western suburb of Chicago. Wiedman plans to use the scholarship to continue his education through senior year and beyond. He is an Astrophysics major, fascinated by the search for exoplanets, though he has done research on the supergiant VY Canis Majoris as well.

Chiou Yang Tan

Tan wins 2017 Holt Scholarship

Chiou Yang Tan won the 2017 Holt Scholarship in Physics. Tan is originally from Malaysia. He plans to use the award money for part of the tuition fee. Tan is currently working in Professor Hanany's cosmology group, but is also interested in condensed matter physics.

Ruiqi Xing

Xing wins 2017 Goldman Fellowship

Ruiqi Xing won the 2017 Professor Allen M. Goldman Fellowship. He is originally from China. He plans to use the fellowship to support himself during his summer research. Xing's focus is on theoretical condensed matter physics, especially in strongly correlated electronic systems such as high-temperature superconductors.

Tan wins 2017 Franklin Scholarship

Xin Zhi Tan won a 2017 Edmund G. Franklin Scholarships. He is from Malaysia originally. He plans to use his scholarship to pay for tuition and travel back to Malaysia during the coming winter. He is currently working in Professor Shaul Hanany's group. Tan is interested in continuing his studies in nuclear physics.

Allison Kennedy

Kennedy wins 2017 Pepin Fellowship

Allison Kennedy won the 2017 Robert O. Pepin Fellowship. Kennedy is originally from Mahtomedi, MN. She plans on using the Fellowship over the summer to conclude her CDMS prototype dark matter detector research and finishing her thesis. Her research is primarily focused on dark matter detection, which she describes as "an odd mishmash of cosmology, particle physics, and condensed matter."

Irene Moskowitz

Moskowitz wins 2017 Swanson Scholarship

Irene Moskowitz won the 2017 Hazel Swanson Scholarship for Undergraduate Astrophysics. She is originally from Minneapolis. She plans to use the scholarship to help finance a thru hike of the Appalachian Trail after she graduates next spring. The award money will help pay for some of the equipment she still needs. Moskowitz is currently working in Dr. Hanany's cosmology lab studying the cosmic microwave background for evidence of an inflationary period in the early universe.

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