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Student Award

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Arpit Arora

Arora wins 2018 Jones Scholarship

Arpit Arora won the 2018 Laverne and Ted Jones Scholarship in Astrophysics.

Li He

He wins 2018 Rahman Award

Li He won the 2018 Aneesur Rahman Award.

Rich Ormiston

Etheridge wins 2018 T.A. Award

James Etheridge won the 2018 Outstanding T.A. Award.

Nikhil Gupta

Gupta wins 2018 St. Cyr Scholarship

Nikhil Gupta won the Harry and Viola St. Cyr Scholarship in Physics. He is originally from Woodbury, MN. He plans to use the award money for academic purposes and to support his research. He does condensed matter physics research in the Greven lab focused on the crystal growth and study of high-temperature superconductors.

Rich Ormiston

Ormiston wins 2018 T.A. Award

Rich Ormiston won the 2018 Outstanding T.A. Award. Ormiston is originally from Wisconsin. He works under Vuk Mandic on LIGO. He is primarily focused on measuring the stochastic background and also on developing deep learning methods to increase the sensitivity of gravitational wave detectors.

Aaron Breidenbach

Breidenbach wins 2018 Nier Scholarship

Aaron Breidenbach won the A. O. C. Nier Scholarship in Physics.

Dominique Gautreau

Gautreau wins 2018 T.A. Award

Dominique Gautreau won the 2018 Outstanding T.A. Award.

Agniva Ghosh

Ghosh wins the 2018 T.A. Award

Agniva Ghosh won the 2018 Outstanding T.A. Award.

Kaylee Ganser

Ganser wins 2018 T.A. Award

Kaylee Ganser won the 2018 Outstanding T.A. Award. Ganser is originally from Duluth, MN. I am originally from Duluth, MN. She plans to use the award money to "further support continued excellence in physics education provided by the graduate students at the University of Minnesota." Her specialty is physics education research.

Kevin Sebesta

Sebesta wins 2018 T.A. Award

Kevin Sebesta won the 2018 Mentor T.A. Appreciation Award. Sebesta is originally from Lake Zurich, IL. He plans to put the award money towards savings. His research area is cosmology.

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