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The A. O. C. Nier Undergraduate Scholarship in Physics


Recognizes exceptional achievement in academic work, research or both. At least one letter of recommendation is required. Both Physics and Astrophysics majors are eligible for this scholarship.
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Aaron Breidenbach

Breidenbach wins 2018 Nier Scholarship

Aaron Breidenbach won the A. O. C. Nier Scholarship in Physics.

Aaron Hamann

Hamann wins 2017 Nier Scholarship

Aaron Hamann won the 2017 The A.O.C. Nier Undergraduate Scholarship in Physics.

Vikram Nagarajan

Nagarajan wins 2016 Nier Scholarship

Vikram Nagarajan won the 2016 Alfred O. C. Nier Scholarship in Physics. Vikram does research on the synthesis of the high-temperature superconductor mercury barium copper oxide with advisor Martin Greven. He plans to use his award for tuition as well as possibly visiting potential graduate schools. He is originally from Plymouth, MN.

Michael Revering

Revering wins 2016 Nier Scholarship

Michael Revering won the 2016 Alfred O. C. Nier Undergraduate Scholarship in Physics. Revering's research is in data acquisition for CMS,(an experiment at the Large Hadron Collider) such as writing firmware for data transmission, creating databases to store test results, or writing software used to process data.He plans to use the monetary part of the reward to support travel to CERN this summer, where he will continue his research He is originally from South Minneapolis.

2015 Yijia Liu

Yijia Liu won the A. O. C. Nier Undergraduate Scholarship in Physics.

Chris Phenicie

2015 Chris Phenicie

Chris Phenicie won the 2015 A. O. C. Nier Undergraduate Scholarship in Physics. Chris' research is currently with Russell Holmes in the Material Science department, focusing on the crystallization of organic semiconductors with future applications to solar cells. The research mostly consists of depositing thin films of newly developed materials and using a microscope to image them as they crystallize.He plans to put the money toward rent, and (with luck) travel for grad school abroad. He is originally from Burnsville, MN.

Stifter,Kelly_Nier_TA Award_2014.JPG

2014 Kelly Stifter

Kelly won the A.O.C. Nier Scholarship as well as an Outstanding T.A. Award.

2013 Nicholas Kruger

Nicholas Kruger is originally from Madison, Wisconsin. His research focus is in Ferromagnetic spin transport in semiconductors, under advisor Paul Crowell. Nicholas plans to use the award money for on tuition and books for next semester.

Robin Heinonen

2012 Robin Heinonen

Robin Heinonen is interested in a variety of areas of mathematical and theoretical physics. He is researching superintegrability of classical and quantum Hamiltonian systems with Willard Miller,and working with Woods Halley on a condensed matter project applying an interesting phase originating from a constant electric field to electron interferometry. He is also studying information theory and Sobolev-type inequalities under Sergey Bobkov. He plans to use the scholarship to pay rent and for summer courses. He is originally from Eden Prairie, Minnesota.


2011 Alex Ditter

Alex Ditter won the Alfred O.C. Nier Scholarship in Physics.

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