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Edmond B. Franklin Scholarships


Recognizes exceptional promise based on academic achievement. Physics majors are eligible for this scholarship; Astrophysics majors are not.

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Alexander Engel

2015 Alexander Engel

Alexander Engel won the 2015 Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship. He plans to use the scholarship for tuition. He is originally from Circle Pines.


2013 Kevin Nangoi

Kevin Nangoi won an Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship. His research advisor is Professor James Kakalios and his research focuses on the electrical properties of novel mixed phase amorphous silicon and germanium nanocrystalline (abbreviated as nc-Ge/a-Si:H) thin films. Kevin's recent project was investigating the conductivity hysteresis behavior observed on nc-Ge/a-Si:H thin films. He plans to use the money to cover his undergraduate tuition. Kevin is originally from Indonesia.


2014 Staci Tiedeken

Staci won an Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship. She conducts her research with Professor Lucy Fortson, using data from the Galaxy Zoo project to analyze three-armed spiral galaxies. Staci will use her award to help pay for the cost of next year's tuition. She is originally from Faribault, MN.


2014 Alexander Engel

Alexander won an Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship. His advisor is Professor Eric Ganz. Alexander will use the award to help cover the cost of tuition. He is originally from Cicle Pines, a suburb just north of Minneapolis.


2014 Ben Ihde

Ben won an Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship. He worked with Professor Shaul Hanany's research group, which studies B-mode radiation in the Cosmic Microwave Background. The scholarship will support his last two semesters of undergraduate study at the University of Minnesota. Ben is originally from Whitefish Bay, WI.


2014 Jared Matzke

Jared won an Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship. He works with Professor David Thomas in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics. They use site-directed fluorescent probes to investigate the structure of myosin, a motor protein essential for many cellular and physiological phenomena such as muscle contraction, cellular motility, and cell division. Jared will use the award to fund summer coursework. He is originally from Woodbury, Minnesota.


2014 Quynh Nguyen

Quynh won an Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship, which he will aid him with tuition. Originally from Vietnam, he now works with Prof. Jeremy Mans on Rapid calibration for the Forward Calorimeters of the LHC’s CMS detector at 13TeV, in preparation for the LHC's new runs after its upgrade in 2015. This summer he will intern at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, working on simulation code to model neutrino beam target and devices in NuMI and LBNE lines under Dr. Alberto Marchionni, and will also attend the U.S Particle Accelerator School for training in beam physics and accelerator technology.


2014 Kali Ask

Kali won an Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship.


2014 Robert Carlon

Robert won an Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship.

Matthew Epland

2013 Matthew Epland

Matthew is originally from Oakdale, Minnesota. This summer he will work at Duke University and CERN on silicon strip tracker upgrades for the ATLAS detector through the Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory REU program. In the past Matthew worked with Professor Cushman's Cryogenic Dark Matter Search research group and with Professor Marshak on neutrino physics. He will attend graduate school to continue his studies in experimental high energy physics. Matthew will use the award to help pay for next year's tuition.

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