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Edmond B. Franklin Scholarships


Recognizes exceptional promise based on academic achievement. Physics majors are eligible for this scholarship; Astrophysics majors are not.

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Ryan Frink

2013 Ryan Frink

Ryan Frink is originally from Annandale, Minnesota. The focus of his research is the study of high temperature superconductivity in the cuprates. His advisor is Prof. Martin Greven. Ryan plans on using the award money for tuition.

Hieu Nguyen

2013 Hieu Nguyen

Hieu Nguyen is originally from Vietnam. His research is stochastic vector field simulation used in magnetohydrodynamics simulation in astrophysical objects. His research advisor is Professor Thomas Jones. Hieu plans to use the award money to cover tuition.

Joseph Redford

2012 Joseph Redford

Joseph Redford won a 2012 Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship. He works on the NOvA project under Nathaniel Pearson, building a neutrino detector.
He plans to use the award to pay for my tuition. He is originally from Brandon, South Dakota.

Nicholas Smith

2012 Nicholas Smith

Nichaolas Smith won a 2012 Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship. His research is with Professor Dan Cronin-Hennessy on the BESIII project, He does data analysis to help determine the cross section of D meson events, in particular, how the loss of collision energy due to
beam photon emission effects the mass distribution of the resulting D mesons, and hence the fits that determine the D counts. He plans to use the scholarship for tuition next year. He is originally from Redwing, Minnesota.

Jonathan Morris

2012 Jonathan Morris

Jonathan Morris won an 2012 Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship. His research focuses on in vivo gene regulation of the E. coli PcroOR3 promoter, with Professor Vincent Noireaux. He plans to use the monetary portion of the award will assist in paying for living expenses, GRE and LSAT testing, and graduate application fees. He is originally from Saint Louis, Missouri.

Mitchell Ambrose

2012 Mitchel Ambrose

Mitchel Ambrose won the 2012 Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship. He is currently working with Professor Roger Rusack on the development of a direction-sensitive Cerenkov detector for beam monitoring applications in the Large Hadron Collider. He will be traveling to CERN this summer to continue this research.He plans to use the scholarship money to help finance my final year of undergraduate education. He is originally from Inver Grove Heights, MN.

Brandon Bergerud

2012 Brandon Bergerud

Brandon Bergerud won the 2012 Edmond Franklin Scholarship. He works with Lawrence Rudnick on Giant Radio Haloes. One project will examine the findings of S. Brown regarding the bimodality of Giant Radio Haloes by using a sample not accessible with their survey. My second project will involve analyzing non-polarized emission from individual clusters using the GALFACTS survey. Since the survey is in a rudimentary stage at the moment, he will also be involved in developing new analysis techniques. Bergerud plans to use the money to help pay for tuition. He is originally from Fergus Falls, MN.

Anthony Kremin

2012 Anthony Kremin

Anthony Kremin won the 2012 Edmond Franklin Scholarship. His advisor is Vuk Mandic on the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatories (LIGO) experiment. He is currently studying the broader range of “injected” (man-made) signals. In addition, he is working on a diagnostic tool meant to analyze and map short-duration events more effectively by implementing new functions. He plans to use the scholarship for tuition next year. He is originally from Alexandria and Rogers, Minnesota.


2011 Colin Clement

Colin Clement won the Edmond G. Franklin Scholarship in physics.


2011 Grant Remmen

Grant Remmen won the 2011 Edmund G. Franklin Scholarship. Originally from Detroit Lakes, MN, Remmen plans to pursue a PhD in theoretical astrophysics. He is currently working with Dr. Kris Davidson on mapping emission lines near Eta Carinae using new Hubble data. In 2011, Remmen researched with Dr. Kinwah Wu at University College London on general relativistic 3-body spin-orbit coupling. Previous research includes black hole distortion, under Dr. Robert Gehrz, and a new estimate of Galactic dark matter, under Dr. Thomas Walsh. Remmen has received the AAS Chambliss Astronomy Achievement Award.

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