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The Hagstrum Award


Recognizes overall excellence and future promise in a graduating senior. At least one letter of recommendation is required. Physics majors are eligible for this award; Astrophysics majors are not.

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Kendra Bergstedt

Bergstedt wins 2018 Hagstrum Award

Kendra Bergstedt won the 2018 Hagstrum Award in Physics.

Aaron Hammann

Hammann wins 2018 Hagstrum Award

Aaron Hammann won the 2018 Hagrsum Award in Physics.

Molly Andersen

Andersen wins 2017 Hagstrum Award

Molly Andersen won the 2017 Hagstrum Award. Andersen is from Mendota Heights, MN. She plans to put the award money towards tuition on her final (part-time) semester before she graduates in December. She works in Professor Laura Gagliardi's computational chemistry lab on identifying promising solar cell materials.

Vikram Nagarajan

Nagarajan wins 2017 Hagstrum Award

Vikram Nagarajan won the 2017 Hagstrum Award. He is originally from Plymouth, MN. He plans to use the award money to help my move to UC Berkeley. His research interest is Condensed Matter Physics.

Kyle Crocker

Kyle Crocker won the 2016 Homer D. Hagstrum Award in Physics.

Chris Phenicie

Chris Phenicie won the 2016 the Homer D. Hagstrum Award in Physics.

Kelly Stifler

2015 Kelly Stifter

Kelly Stifter won the 2015 Hagstrum Award. Her research is the electronics for and commissioning of a new Cherenkov radiation detector for the CMS experiment at CERN. My advisor is Roger Rusack. She will use the monetary part of the award will be used to help with her move to California to go to graduate school at Stanford. She is originally from Shoreview, MN.

Quynh Nguyen

2015 Quynh Nguyen

Quynh Nguyen won the 2015 Hagstrum Award. He worked with Professor Jeremiah Mans for the CMS experiment, and with Dr. Alberto Marchionni for the Deep Underground Neutrino experiment at Fermilab. He plans to use the money to visit home (Vietnam) in the summer. He plans to attend the physics PhD program next year at New York University.


2014 Kevin Nangoi

Kevin Nangoi won the Hagstrum Award. He works with Professor James Kakalios to research the electrical properties of novel mixed phase amorphous silicon and germanium nanocrystalline (abbreviated as nc-Ge/a-Si:H) thin films. Kevin's senior honors thesis studied the novel photo-induced conductivity enhancements in nc-Ge/a-Si:H thin films. He will use the award to aid in his move to Ithaca, NY to pursue a Ph.D. in physics at Cornell University. Kevin is originally from Indonesia.


2014 Isaiah Gray

Isaiah won the Hagstrum Award. His advisor is Professor Dan Dahlberg and they work in microscopic magnetic dynamics. For Isaiah's senior thesis, he measured the frequency dependence of AC magnetic susceptibility of permalloy thin films. He will use the monetary part of the award to help fund a canoe trip to the Boundary Waters and to help his move to Ithaca, NY. Isaiah is originally from Roseville, MN.

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