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The Hagstrum Award


Recognizes overall excellence and future promise in a graduating senior. At least one letter of recommendation is required. Physics majors are eligible for this award; Astrophysics majors are not.

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2014 Matt Epland

Matt won a Hagstum Award. He performed simulation studies of upgrades to the ATLAS detectors tracker with his external advisor, Professor Ayana Arce of Duke University, and his internal advisor, Professor Marvin Marshak. Matt will use his award to support his move to North Carolina to begin graduate school at Duke University. He is originally from Oakdale, Minnesota.

2013 Lily Hanson

Lily Hanson won the 2013 Homer D. Hagstrum Award in Physics.

Chelsea Dorow

2013 Chelsea Dorow

Chelsea Dorow is originally from Duluth, Minnesota. Her undergraduate research was in condensed matter physics with Professor Martin Greven, focusing on crystal growth and neutron scattering studies of high-temperature superconductors. Her research focuses on condensed matter physics in graduate school at the University of California San Diego next year. Chelsea plans to use the award for a trip to Alaska and for moving to San Diego.

Jimmy Chen

2012 Jimmy Chen

Jimmy Chen won the 2012 Hagstrum Award. His research focuses on magnetics and his advisor is Dan Dahlberg. For graduate school, his research will be on superconducting qubits with John Martinis at UC Santa Barbara. He plans to use the award money for a backpacking trip with some classmates to Glacier National Park, and to help with moving to Santa Barbara. Jimmy was born in Guangzhou, China, and grew up in Roseville, Minnesota.

Grant Remmen

2012 Grant Remmen

Grant Remmen won the 2012 Hagstrum Award in Physics. Originally from Detroit Lakes, MN, Grant is graduating summa cum laude in astrophysics, physics, and math. He is currently conducting Hubble Space Telescope research on Eta Carinae with Dr. Kris Davidson. Previous work includes general relativistic spin-orbit coupling, under Dr. Kinwah Wu, University College London, black hole distortion, with Dr. Robert Gehrz, and a new estimate of Galactic dark matter, with Dr. Thomas Walsh. Grant will use this award toward graduate study (physics, PhD) at the California Institute of Technology this fall.

Robert Peterson

2011 Robert Peterson

Robert Peterson won the 2011 Hagstrum Award. He is originally from Duluth, Minnesota. Peterson worked for Shaul Hanany doing electrical and mechanical design of components for the EBEX experiment. He will be attending graduate school at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he plans to study experimental quantum optics.He plans to use the scholarship money for moving to Boulder this summer.

Christorpher Geach

2011 Christopher Geach

Christopher Geach has won the 2011 Hagstrum Award. Geach is originally from Minneapolis. His research advisor is Shaul Hanany. He has been working in experimental cosmology, but plans to pursue theoretical particle physics. The award will go towards funding a bicycle trip to South America.


2010 Nathan Mirman

Nathan Mirman won the Hagstrum Award. Originally from Edina, Minnesota, Nathan is interested in high energy physics and has worked with Professor Mans at the CMS group. He plans to use his award to help fund his graduate studies at Cornell.


2010 Brian Moths

Brian Moths won the Hagstrum Award in Physics. He is originally from New Berlin, Wisconsin, and his research interest is theoretical condensed matter physics. He also plans to use the scholarship money to buy books for graduate school.

Vanessa Cheesbrough

2009 Vanessa Cheesbrough

Vanessa Cheesbrough won the Hagstrum Award in Physics. She is originally from Brookings, South Dakota and will be using the award to help defray moving costs this fall. She'll be starting a PhD program at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Her research is primarily focusing on developing astronomical instrumentation, but also hope to incorporate some observations as well (perhaps extrasolar planet detection).

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