University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

Phys 8750.001

Advanced Topics in Condensed Matter Physics: Topics in Quantum Transport

Session: Fall 2016 (9/06-12/14)
Instructor: Vlad Pribiag (e-mail: vpribiag @
Time: 1400 TTh
Location: Physics & Nanotechnology 120

This course will examine electronic transport in low-dimensional materials and devices in which the quantum mechanical properties of electrons play a central role. The course will survey cornerstone experimental advances in this rapidly-developing field, and the theoretical background underpinning these experiments. Please note that the course is not a substitute for core condensed matter, quantum or statistical physics courses, and will in fact build on prior knowledge of these subjects.

The course is primarily intended for graduate and senior undergraduate students in physics, materials science, electrical engineering and related disciplines.

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