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Global Warming Solutions

Week 14 Reading
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Week 13 Reading
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Week 12 Reading
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Week 11 Reading
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Read p. 2 - 10 (executive summary) of PDF document Brighter Africa


Read the NRDC article on water, and pages 1-10 of the recalibrating food article.

ccafs_pb06-recalibrating_food_production.pdf | Download posted 10-Nov-2017 at 11:09AM
nrdc_water.pdf | Download posted 10-Nov-2017 at 11:09AM
Brighter_Africa-The_growth_potential_of_the_sub-Saharan_electricity_sector.pdf | Download posted 10-Nov-2017 at 11:06AM

List of talks
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Student_Sign_Up_Sheet_-_Talks.xlsx | Download posted 8-Nov-2017 at 10:53AM

Week 10 Reading
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C2ES_Adaptation_2012.pdf | Download posted 31-Oct-2017 at 10:54AM

Week 9 Reading
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Toll from Coal PDF
Health Impacts PDF (optional)

9553_coal-plants-health-impacts.pdf | Download posted 26-Oct-2017 at 11:11AM
The_Toll_from_Coal.pdf | Download posted 26-Oct-2017 at 11:08AM

Week 8 Reading
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CVM2-Exec-Tech-Summaries.pdf | Download posted 20-Oct-2017 at 10:34AM

Week 7 Reading
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Week 6 Reading
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Royal Society Climate Summary article pages 2-6, 10-11, 15-22.
(see attached PDF) (optional)


Royal Society Climate Summary page B8

Also watch this video:

RSC Climate Change Summary | Download posted 6-Oct-2017 at 11:04AM

Week 5 Reading
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NREL-_Biofuel_Overview.pdf | Download posted 22-Sep-2017 at 11:08AM

Week 4 Reading
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MIT_-_Nuclear_Summary.pdf | Download posted 18-Sep-2017 at 10:50AM

Week 3 Reading
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Week 2 Reading
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Global_Warming_Solutions_Topics.docx | Download posted 18-Sep-2017 at 10:44AM

Week 1 Reading
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For week 1 (before 1st day of class) please read the 2 Socolow papers attached. You do not need to read the addenda etc., only the bulk of the papers (I.e. 4 pages of the science paper, and all of the scientific American paper).

The 2004 paper is somewhat technical, but is included for historical reasons. We will discuss details in class.

Sci_Amer_Socolow_Paper_2006.pdf | Download posted 23-Aug-2017 at 10:45AM
Science-2004-SW-wedgepaper.pdf | Download posted 23-Aug-2017 at 10:45AM