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Phys 8750.001

Advanced Topics in Condensed Matter Physics

Week of October 16. Kohn-Luttinger
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Due Thurs Oct. 26 | Download posted 20-Oct-2017 at 12:12PM

Week of October 8, RG
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Due Thurs Oct. 19 | Download posted 13-Oct-2017 at 10:10AM

Week of Oct. 1 RG
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Due Thurs Oct. 12 | Download posted 7-Oct-2017 at 9:26AM

Week of Sept 24 Stoner and BCS instabilities
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Due Thurs. Oct 5 | Download posted 29-Sep-2017 at 2:16PM

Week of Sept 17 Interaction channels
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Due Thurs Sept 28 | Download posted 21-Sep-2017 at 10:13PM

Week of Sept 11. Grassmann variables
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Due Thurs Sept 21 | Download posted 15-Sep-2017 at 9:35PM

Week of Sept. 4 Coherent State integral
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[Link] R. Shankar Renormalization-group approach to interacting fermions
A good text on Coherent State Integral | Download posted 7-Sep-2017 at 6:19PM
Set 1 is due Thurs. Sept 14 | Download posted 7-Sep-2017 at 6:17PM