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Phys 5011.001

Classical Physics I

Homework assignments
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Phys5011_Prob_Set_#1.pdf | Download posted 7-Sep-2018 at 9:40AM
Phys5011_Prob_Set_#2.pdf | Download posted 13-Sep-2018 at 5:55PM
PHYS_5011_HW_#2_solutions.pdf | Download posted 6-Dec-2018 at 4:11PM
Phys5011_Prob_Set_#3.pdf | Download posted 21-Sep-2018 at 9:22PM
PHYS_5011_HW_#3_solutions.pdf | Download posted 6-Dec-2018 at 4:10PM
Phys5011_Prob_Set_#4.pdf | Download posted 28-Sep-2018 at 1:52PM
Phys5011_Prob_Set_#5.pdf | Download posted 5-Oct-2018 at 3:59PM
PHYS_5011_HW_#5_solutions.pdf | Download posted 6-Dec-2018 at 4:09PM
Phys5011_Prob_Set_#6.pdf | Download posted 23-Oct-2018 at 10:06AM
Phys_5011_HW_#6_solutions.pdf | Download posted 29-Oct-2018 at 12:51PM
Phys5011_Prob_Set_#7.pdf | Download posted 26-Oct-2018 at 12:37PM
Phys_5011_HW_#7_solutions.pdf | Download posted 5-Nov-2018 at 3:36PM
Phys5011_Prob_Set_#8.pdf | Download posted 2-Nov-2018 at 4:18PM
Phys_5011_HW_#8_solutions.pdf | Download posted 19-Nov-2018 at 2:42PM
Phys5011_Prob_Set_#9.pdf | Download posted 9-Nov-2018 at 3:51PM
Phys_5011_HW_#9_solutions.pdf | Download posted 29-Nov-2018 at 2:06PM
Phys5011_Prob_Set_#10.pdf | Download posted 30-Nov-2018 at 12:00PM

Mid-term exam with solutions
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Phys_5011_F18_midterm_solutions.pdf | Download posted 26-Oct-2018 at 11:29AM

Supplemental materials
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Dirac_General_Relativity.pdf | Download posted 7-Nov-2018 at 11:52AM
interstellar_space_flight_sagan.pdf | Download posted 7-Nov-2018 at 11:56AM