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Phys 8711.001

Solid-State Physics I

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Alex Kamenev; Tate 275-16; 6-0724;
Office Hours: (I am usually in my office since 9:30 am)
The course meets Tue and Thurs,

This course provides an advanced treatment of the fundamentals of solid
state physics. It is intended primarily for graduate students in physics
and related fields who have completed a previous course at the level of
Kitten, /Solid State Physics, or an equivalent. Completion of an advanced
undergraduate course in statistical mechanics is assumed. I will assume
that you know quantum mechanics at the level of Merzbacher or the
equivalent. The primary goal of the course is to prepare students for
research in condensed matter physics and materials science.

I shall not follow any book in details. The closest one is M.Tinkham's
/Introduction to Superconductivity./ As of last year one could find very good deals on


1. Problem Sets - Problem sets will be assigned weekly and will be due in class or in my mailbox by 4:40pm on Thurs.
Grader: Yuting Wang:
You are expected to work on problem sets primarily on your own. I do encourage you to discuss the problems
with each other after you have made a serious effort to solve them on your own.
2. Attendance at the Condensed Matter Sack Lunch Seminar (Fri. 12:20 -_1:10). This is recommended, but not required.


Second Quantization.
Tight binding treatment of selected lattices.
Topological Insulators