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Introductory Physics for Science and Engineering II

Homework set 2 (Chapter 23) Problems
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Chapter 23 14 16 24 38 46 56 61 74 78

Set 1 solutions
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Regrading Policy
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If you think that a Quiz problem was not graded correctly, begin by
looking at the posted solution. If after this you still think the
grade was incorrect, you may appeal subject to the following:

1- You may appeal any situation where you think you did the problem
(or a subsection of the problem that was labeled in the exam as
earning separate points) perfectly but were not given full credit.
For example, suppose you
answered correctly a question that counted 10 points and you were
given any number <10, this can be appealed.

2- You may NOT appeal partial credit that you deem insufficient. If
you were given no points or <10 points for a problem that you did not
solve correctly, you cannot say: "I think I should have gotten more
(or some) partial credit." Of course you do. But partial credit
is a judgement call and Baseball rules apply: not subject to appeal.

3- To appeal, within one week after you get your quiz back, give to your TA your
quiz with a small post-it sized note attached explaining why you think your
solution was right. If your explanation will not fit in such a small
note it means that your solution required a lot of additional
explanation to become understandable, which makes the appeal unacceptable.
Graders are not mind readers. If your solution was unreadable, a
rewritten version will not be accepted.

4- It is possible (although unusual) for the regrading of a question to
lead to a lower grade.

Quiz Rooms
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All quizzes are now scheduled for Willey Hall, room 175. This is for everybody A-Z
Be careful: Willey is in the West Bank so schedule your time correctly.

Homework 1
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22.04 22.12 22.20 22.30 22.54

TA List
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Lab Manual
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Up to date Lab manual

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