University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

Phys 1302W.100

Introductory Physics for Science and Engineering II

Session: Summer 2014 (5/27-6/01)
Instructor: John Capriotti (e-mail: capriotti @
Time: 1010 MTWF
Location: Phys 133

This is the 2nd of a 3 semester intro course in physics for students in science and engineering.1302W emphasizes the application of the physical principles learned in 1301W to electrical and magnetic interactions. The course is designed to prepare you for work in your field by: having solid conceptual understanding of the way the real world works based on a few fundamental principles of physics; being able to solve realistic problems using logical reasoning and quantitative problem solving skills; applying those physics concepts and problem solving skills to new situations; and learning to effectively communicate technical information. To achieve these goals, this course requires you to understand the material in depth. Emphasis will be given to the application of physics principles to real-life situations, and will use problems designed to simulate such situations. This course assumes a good working knowledge of the concepts and skills in 1301W. Because of the nature of this material, this course will be more abstract and mathematical than 1301W. A lab is included to allow you to apply both the concepts and problem solving skills to the real world. It will also emphasize technical communications skills. A discussion section will give you the opportunity to discuss your conceptual understanding and practice your problem solving skills with other students.

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