University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

Phys 1201W

Introductory Physics for Biology and Pre-medicine I

Session: Summer 2015
Instructor: TBA
Time: 1010 MTWF
Location: West Bank Skyway 20

This is the first semester of a 2 semester course is designed primarily for biological science and premed students. A course in calculus taken previously or simultaneously is required, especially a basic knowledge of derrivatives. Other calculus will be developed as needed. The course emphasizes an understanding of the fundamental principles of physics and their use in solving complex quantative problems of the type found in biological applications. The first semester develops the concept of a system and the use of conservation principles and the properties of interactions to determine the behavior of a system. The importance of energy transfer between objects in a system and between systems will be emphasized especially within the framework of thermodynamics. Students will be expected to solve problems using important physical quantities such as mass, charge, energy, momentum, force, and kinematics in a variety of applications.

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