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Class Title Type Instructor Location Times
Ast 1001.001Exploring the Universe RSSLectureAnderson Hall 2100945 TTh
Ast 1001.002Exploring the Universe RSSLectureAnderson Hall 2101300 TTh
Ast 1001.003Exploring the Universe RSSLectureWest Bank Skyway 201430 MW
Ast 1001.004Exploring the Universe RSSLectureWest Bank Skyway 201915 TTh
Ast 1011H.001Exploring the Universe, Honors RSSLecture plus LaboratoryAppleby Hall 2261430 MTW
Ast 1905.001Freshman Seminar: Cosmic Catastrophies RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 2101010 Th
Ast 1905.002Freshman Seminar: Exoplanets RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 2101325 Th
Ast 1905.003Freshman Seminar: Ultimate RSSLectureBruininks Hall 1231535 T
Ast 1905.004Freshman Seminar: Nothing RSSLectureBruininks Hall 1191535 W
Ast 2001.001Introduction to Astrophysics RSSLectureWest Bank Skyway 201430 TTh
Ast 2990.001Directed Studies RSSIndependent Studytbatba000 
Ast 4001.001Astrophysics I RSSLectureBruininks Hal 1211010 MTWTh
Ast 4101.001Computational Methods in the Physical Sciences RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 1100800 MTWF
Ast 4299H.001Senior Honors Astrophysics Research Seminar RSSLectureSmith Hall 3311430 F
Ast 4990.001Directed Studies RSSIndependent Studytbatba000 
Ast 4990.002Directed Studies RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4990.003Directed Studies RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4990.004Directed Studies RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4990.005Directed Studies RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4990.006Directed Studies RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4990.007Directed Studies RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4990.008Directed Studies RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4990.009Directed Studies RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4990.010Directed Studies RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4990.011Directed Studies RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4990.012Directed Studies RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4990.013Directed Studies RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4994W.001Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytbatba000 
Ast 4994W.002Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4994W.003Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4994W.004Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4994W.005Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4994W.006Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4994W.007Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4994W.008Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4994W.009Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4994W.010Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4994W.011Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4994W.012Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4994W.013Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4994W.014Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4994W.015Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4994W.016Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4994W.017Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4994W.018Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4994W.019Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4994W.020Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4994W.021Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4994W.022Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 4994W.023Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytba000 
Ast 5022.001Relativity, Cosmology, and the Universe RSSLectureAkerman Hall 3271430 MWF
Ast 8031.001Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics RSSLectureSmith Hall 1211325 MW
Ast 8200.001Astrophysics Seminar RSSLectureSmith Hall 3311430 F
Ast 8333.001FTE: Master's RSSIndependent Studytbatbatba
Ast 8444.001FTE: Doctoral RSSIndependent Studytbatbatba
Ast 8666.001Doctoral Pre-Thesis Credits RSSIndependent Studytbatbatba
Ast 8666.002Doctoral Pre-Thesis Credits RSSIndependent Studytbatbatba
Ast 8777.001Thesis Credits: Master's RSSIndependent Studytbatbatba
Ast 8888.001Thesis Credit: Doctoral RSSIndependent Studytbatbatba
Ast 8990.001Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics RSSIndependent Study
Terry Thibeault
Terry J. Jones
Phys 1001W.100Energy and the Environment RSSLecture plus LaboratoryWest Bank Skyway 201325 MWF
Phys 1101W.100Introductory College Physics I RSSLecture plus Discussion and LaboratoryWilley Hall 1251325 MWF
Phys 1101W.200Introductory College Physics I RSSLecture plus Discussion and LaboratoryWilley Hall 1251745 TTh
Phys 1201W.100Introductory Physics for Biology and Pre-medicine I RSSLecture plus Discussion and LaboratoryWilley Hall 1251010 MTWF
Phys 1201W.200Introductory Physics for Biology and Pre-medicine I RSSLecture plus Discussion and LaboratoryWilley Hall 1251220 MTWF
Phys 1202W.100Introductory Physics for Biology and Pre-medicine II RSSLecture plus Discussion and LaboratoryWilley Hall 1251430 MTWF
Phys 1301W.100Introductory Physics for Science and Engineering I RSSLecture plus Discussion and LaboratoryWilley Hall 1250800 MTWF
Phys 1301W.300Introductory Physics for Science and Engineering I RSSLecture plus Discussion and LaboratoryWilley Hall 1251115 MTWF
Phys 1301W.500Introductory Physics for Science and Engineering I RSSLecture plus Discussion and LaboratorytbaWilley Hall 1251640 MTWF
Phys 1301W.600Introductory Physics for Science and Engineering I RSSLecture plus Discussion and LaboratorytbaWilley Hall 1251745 MW
Phys 1302W.100Introductory Physics for Science and Engineering II RSSLecture plus Discussion and LaboratoryWilley Hall 1250905 MTWF
Phys 1401V.001Honors Physics I RSSLecture plus Discussion and LaboratoryWest Bank Skyway 201115 MTWF
Phys 1501V.001Honors Introduction to Mechanics RSSLecture plus Discussion and LaboratoryAkerman Hall 2151115 MTWF
Phys 1905.001Freshman Seminar: Quantum Mechanics for Everyone RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 2100905 T
Phys 1905.003Freshman Seminar: Aurora RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 2101325 T
Phys 1905.004Freshman Seminar: Science, Pseudoscience RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 1301325 Th
Phys 1910W.001Freshman Seminar: Writing Intensive: What is Time? RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 1201010 TTh
Phys 2201.001Introductory Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics RSSLectureMechanical Engineering 1020905 MWF
Phys 2201.002Introductory Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics RSSLectureRapson Hall 431430 MWF
Phys 2201.003Introductory Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics RSSLectureCivil Engineering Bldg 2121115 MWF
Phys 2503.001Physics III: Intro to Waves, Optics, and Special Relativity RSSLectureWilley Hall 1251535 MTWF
Phys 2503H.001Honors Physics III RSSLecture plus DiscussionBruininks Hall 512B1115 MTWF
Phys 2605.001Quantum Physics Laboratory RSSLecture plus LaboratoryPhysics & Nanotechnology 1301220 T
Phys 3071W.001Laboratory-Based Physics for Teachers RSSLaboratoryBruininks Hall 131B0905 MW
Phys 3071W.002Laboratory-Based Physics for Teachers RSSLaboratoryBruininks Hall 131B1220 MW
Phys 3993.001Directed Studies RSSIndependent Studytbatba000 
Phys 3993.002Directed Studies RSSIndependent Studytbatbatba
Phys 3994.001Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytbatba000 
Phys 4001.100Analytical Mechanics RSSLecture plus DiscussionSmith Hall 2311325 MWF
Phys 4041.001Computational Methods in the Physical Sciences RSSLaboratoryPhysics & Nanotechnology 1100800 MTWF
Phys 4051.001Methods of Experimental Physics I RSSLecture plus LaboratoryRapson Hall 451430 MWF
Phys 4052W.001Methods of Experimental Physics II RSSLecture plus LaboratoryPhysics & Nanotechnology 1101430 TTh
Phys 4101.001Quantum Mechanics RSSLecture plus DiscussionSmith Hall 2311115 MWF
Phys 4201.001Statistical and Thermal Physics RSSLectureScott Hall 41010 MWF
Phys 4303.001Electrodynamics and Waves RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 1101325 MWF
Phys 4501.001Experimental Project RSSIndependent Studytbatba000 
Phys 4621.001Introduction to Plasma Physics RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 2100905 MWF
Phys 4950H.001Senior Thesis RSSIndependent Studytbatba000 
Phys 4993.001Directed Studies RSSIndependent Studytbatba000 
Phys 4994.001Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytbatba000 
Phys 5001.001Quantum Mechanics I RSSLecture plus DiscussionPhysics & Nanotechnology 1101115 MW
Phys 5011.001Classical Physics I RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 1101235 TTh
Phys 5022.001Relativity, Cosmology, and the Universe RSSLectureAkerman Hall 3271430 MWF
Phys 5072.001Best Practices in College Physics Teaching RSSDiscussionRapson Hall 561535 M
Phys 5201.001Thermal and Statistical Physics RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 1101110 TTh
Phys 5401.001Physiological Physics RSSLectureMechanical Engineering 1021400 TTh
Phys 5401.883Physiological Physics RSSLectureONLINE1400 TTh
Phys 5621.001Introduction to Plasma Physics RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 2100905 MWF
Phys 5950.001Colloquium Seminar RSSLecturetbaKeller Hall 3-2101535 Th
Phys 5970.001Physics Journal Club RSSLecturetbaPhysics & Nanotechnology 1101535 F
Phys 5980.001Introduction to Research Seminar RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 1101640 F
Phys 5993.001Directed Studies RSSIndependent Studytbatba000 
Phys 5994.001Directed Research RSSIndependent Studytbatba000 
Phys 8001.001Advanced Quantum Mechanics RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 1101010 MWF
Phys 8012.001Quantum Field Theory II RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 2101220 MW
Phys 8200.001Seminar: Cosmology and High Energy Astrophysics RSSLecturetbaPhysics & Nanotechnology 1201325 M
Phys 8300.001Seminar: Biological and Medical Physics. RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 1201115 Th
Phys 8333.001FTE: Master's RSSIndependent Studytbatba000 
Phys 8444.001FTE: Doctoral RSSIndependent Studytbatba000 
Phys 8500.001Plan B Project RSSIndependent Studytbatba000 
Phys 8600.001Seminar: Space Physics RSSLecturetbaPhysics & Nanotechnology 1100930 T
Phys 8666.001Doctoral Pre-Thesis Credits RSSIndependent Studytbatba000 
Phys 8700.001Seminar: Condensed Matter Physics RSSLecturetbaPhysics & Nanotechnology 1101430 W
Phys 8711.001Solid-State Physics I RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 1201640 TTh
Phys 8750.001Advanced Topics in Condensed Matter Physics: Topics in Quantum Transport RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 1201400 TTh
Phys 8777.001Thesis Credits: Master's RSSIndependent Studytbatba000 
Phys 8800.001Seminar: Nuclear Physics RSSLecturetbaPhysics & Nanotechnology 1201010 F
Phys 8888.001Thesis Credit: Doctoral RSSLecturetbatba000 
Phys 8900.001Seminar: Elementary Particle Physics RSSLecturetbaPhysics & Nanotechnology 2101535 W
Phys 8901.001Elementary Particle Physics I RSSLecturePhysics & Nanotechnology 1201640 MW
Phys 8994.001Research in Physics RSSIndependent Studytbatba000