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Phys 1202W.100

Introductory Physics for Biology and Pre-medicine II

Lab Manual
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Below is the most current lab manual for this course. When printing, refer to the course syllabus for a list of scheduled labs, or consult with your TA, to ensure that you print the pages necessary for your assigned lab problems.

It is suggested that you save a copy to your personal device in case web access is not available. Sending and saving the file to your email account might be helpful also.

If at any time you find errors, typos or issues with the lab material, please send an email to detailing the problem.

1102Lab2_P1-3_Wave_Speed.pdf | Download posted 2-Apr-2018 at 10:35AM
1202_LabManual.pdf | Download posted 18-Jan-2018 at 9:08AM

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Our course has moved to

Competent Problem Solver
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