University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

Phys 1221.100

Introductory Physics for Life Science Majors I

Session: Spring 2020 (1/21-5/04)
Instructor: Aaron Wynveen (e-mail: wynveen @
Time: 1220 Th 1220 MWF
Location: Tate Hall B50

The class exposes the student to physical principles and concepts, demonstrates how these principles can be applied to quantitatively describe natural phenomena, and provides the student with an opportunity to perform hands-on experiments and measurements that model how physical knowledge is obtained. The living world exists in the physical universe, and a complete understanding of biological processes is impossible without a firm foundation in the basic physical principles to which all systems, living and inorganic, must adhere. The basic principles of classical mechanics, fluid mechanics, and oscillations and waves will be examined, with particular emphasis to their application in biological systems, using mathematical analysis at the level of basic calculus.

prereq: High School or College Calculus

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