University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

Phys 2403H.001

Honors Physics III

Session: Fall 2014 (9/02-12/10)
Instructor: Priscilla Cushman (e-mail: cushman @
Time: 1115 MTWF
Location: Phys 133
Office Hours:

PAN Room 327 (Cushman) Mondays 1:30-2:30
PAN Room 221 (Youngblood) Fridays 11 - 12:30

This is the conclusion of a three semester introductory course in physics for students in the IT Honors program. It is designed to prepare you for work in your field by: having solid conceptual understanding of the way the real world works based on a few fundamental principles of physics; being able to solve realistic problems using logical reasoning and quantitative problem solving skills; applying those physics concepts and problem solving skills to new situations; and learning to effectively communicate technical information. The pace is faster than Physics 2503 and at a higher mathematical level. The emphasis will always be on the application of physics principles to interesting situations, and the problems will be designed to simulate such situations. 2403H will emphasize the applications of physics that have been important in the 20th century, including electromagnetic waves, optics, special relativity and quantum theory. This course assumes a good working knowledge of the concepts and skills in 1402V. A discussion section will give you the opportunity to discuss your conceptual understanding and practice your problem solving skills.

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