University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

Phys 4051.001

Methods of Experimental Physics I

Session: Fall 2014 (9/02-12/10)
Instructor: Jochen Mueller (e-mail: jochen @
Time: 1430 MWF
Location: Phys 170

This course is the first of a two semester sequence on the techniques used in a modern physics laboratory. Most of the work will be done in a laboratory. In this semester you will gain experience using analog and digital electronics by building various circuits that are in wide-spread use. You will also learn about acquiring signals and interfacing them to a computer. Basic familiarity with computers is assumed. Programming languages such as C++ will be used and skill in using them can be gained either through independent study during the course or from previous experience. Emphasis is also given to refining the techniques of writing scientific research reports suitable for publication. The course is designed for science and engineering students who have successfully completed Physics 2605 or the equivalent and assumes the knowledge and skills developed in that course. This course is an excellent introduction to modern laboratory techniques for upper division and graduate students in various scientific or technological fields. It is a required class for Physics and Astrophysics Majors.

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