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Phys 4001.100

Analytical Mechanics

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posted 28-Nov-2017 at 3:53PM by Megan Birch

What are the percentages for each grade? For example A=90%-100%

Quiz 2 Content
modified 15-Nov-2017 at 1:04PM

Dear Professor,
Quiz 2 was difficult and I did everything cover the Lecture materials, homework questions, recitations and I still could not handle the quiz. I am wondering whether there is other resources for me to review for the exam that offer unfamiliar examples to the class materials since the textbook does not give some sections of the chapter adequate exercises to practice. Thank you.

New ask item
modified 15-Nov-2017 at 1:04PM by Jarrett Brown

The book Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems by Thorton and Marion contains additional problems and solutions that may be useful to review. (A student solutions manual is available online)