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Phys 4303.001

Electrodynamics and Waves

HW5 solution
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HW4 solution
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Note from the grader: In problem 1, please note that you should keep the field E and B, which are physical, real.

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HW3 solution
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HW2 solution
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Additional note on problem 2: this problem has many solutions. A good discussion of the issues is on pages 405-407 of the book by Saslow (see syllabus). Note than inside a thin slab one always has H=-M because of geometric demagnetization effects, and hence B=0. This is unrelated to superconductivity.

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HW1 solution
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Note from the instructor: The 'tricky point' in problem 5 of set 1 is related to footnote 25 on page 381 of the book. Those interested can optionally follow up on the footnote.
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Office Hours
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Office Hours by the Prof. will be on Mo and We after class (2:15 to 3:15) in room Tate 130-25

To find Tate 130-25 go to the first floor and use the misspelled signs to find the door to the Men's room. Across from it there is a door marked: "Fire alarm panel".
Go through it and you will find a hallway. Follow it to the end and you will find 130-25

Office hours by the TA (Mengxing Ye) will be on Fr, same time, but in room Tate 201-03. To find it, go up to the second floor and through the doors marked "Authorized personnel only." Room 201-03 is the first one to your right.

Students for whom these times are impossible should request an appointment.

Any comments or complaints about Tate signs should be directed to Kevin Ross

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