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Phys 5701.001

Solid-State Physics for Engineers and Scientists

Welcome to PHYS 5701
modified 18-Jan-2018 at 7:20PM by Paul Crowell

PHYS 5701 is an introduction to modern solid state physics. It is intended primarily for graduate students in the physical sciences and engineering in fields outside of physics. However, it can also provide adequate preparation for PHYS 8711 (the graduate solid state course for physicists) for those who have not had solid state physics as an undergraduate.

We recommend that undergraduate physics majors who want an introduction to solid state physics take PHYS 4211. This year, because of a scheduling conflict between PHYS 4211 and PHYS 5012, I am aware that several graduate students in physics will be taking PHYS 5701, but that some of you will have a conflict with PHYS 5012 on Tuesdays.

The class will meet for the first time on Tuesday, January 16 at 9:45 in Tate 110. Those who are also taking PHYS 5012 should attend the first 15 minutes of 5701 that day and then go to 5012. For the first few weeks of the term, the Tuesday lectures will be used for a tutorial on quantum mechanics for those who have not had a rigorous senior level class on that subject. This will not be an exhaustive treatment of quantum mechanics, but rather it will focus on those concepts which are essential for modern solid state physics.

The textbook is Kittel, Solid State Physics, 8th edition. In practice, any version of Kittel after the 5th is probably good enough, but you will need access to the 8th for the homework problems.

I will publish a full syllabus just before the semester starts.

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