University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

Phys 2503H.001

Honors Physics III

Session: Fall 2019 (9/03-12/11)
Instructor: Cynthia Cattell (e-mail: cattell @
Time: 1115 MTWF
Location: Tate Hall 110

The third semester of a calculus-based introductory physics sequence. Topics include: relativistic kinematics and dynamics, mechanical and electromagnetic waves, light, interference, diffraction, wave-particle duality and topics in modern physics. Course emphasizes the use of fundamental problems to solve quantitative problems. Intended primarily for those who have completed 1401V/1402V, although those students with outstanding performance in 1301W/1302W may be granted permission to enroll.

prereq: 1402V or 1502V, honors student or permission of University Honors Program or instr consent

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