University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

Condensed Matter Seminar

Wednesday, March 30th 2016
1:25 pm:
Speaker: Abhay Pasupathy, Columbia University
Subject: Electronic Nematicity in the Iron Pnictides

I will discuss scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) measurements of electronic nematicity in the iron pnictide superconductors, focusing on the compound NaFeAs. I will show that a clear signal of the electronic nematicity can be seen in the local density of states as measured by STM. Questions that can be answered from the STM measurements include (a) do magnetic or structural degrees of freedom drive nematicity (b) how can we distinguish between true long range order and a strong susceptibility using STM measurements (c) where in the phase diagram are nematic order and fluctuations observed (d) what is the energy scale associated with nematicity at different points in the phase diagram (e) what is the relationship between nematicity (either order or fluctuations) and superconductivity. I will discuss answers to all of these questions, and along the way discuss new STM techniques that we have developed for this purpose that are broadly applicable to other quantum materials.

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