University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

Condensed Matter Seminar

Wednesday, October 10th 2018
1:25 pm:
Speaker: Joel Moore, UC Berkeley
Subject: Unconventional hydrodynamics in 1D and 2D quantum matter

Hydrodynamical effects such as viscosity become significant In very clean materials and in ultracold atomic gases. We discuss how quantum mechanics and reduced dimensionality lead to new kinds of hydrodynamics and far-from-equilibrium transport. Examples include semiclassical kinetic theory (“generalized hydrodynamics”) and exact far-from-equilibrium results for some quantities in the XXZ model through expansion potentials. In many cases the predictions of theoretical approaches based on integrability can be checked, using in DMRG and other matrix product state algorithms. The talk finishes with a discussion of some experimental goals and challenges in 2D materials, including the possible observation of Hall viscosity in current experiments.

Faculty Host: Andrey Chubukov

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