University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

Fine Theoretical Physics Institute Seminar

Tuesday, August 23rd 2016

9:00 AM
Insights on non-thermal phenomena in the ICM from radio observations
Annalisa Bonafede
University Hamburg

9:25 AM
Merging clusters as physics laboratories - first results from LOFAR
Marcus Br├╝ggen
University Hamburg

9:50 AM
The challenge of turbulence in galaxy clusters: physics and particle acceleration
Gianfranco Brunetti
IRA-INAF, Bologna


10:35 AM The Role of Turbulence in Accelerating Cosmic Rays and Amplifying B-fields in the ICM
Peng Oh
University of California, Santa Barbara

11:00 AM
Cosmic Ray Propagation in High Beta Plasmas
Ellen Zweibel
University of Wisconsin, Madison

11:25 PM
Superdiffusion and Streaming and Acceleration of Cosmic rays
Alex Lazarian
University of Wisconsin, Madison

11:50 PM
Discussion Session I


2:00 PM
Is cosmic ray heating relevant in cool core clusters?
Christoph Pfrommer
Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies

2:25 PM
Role of cosmic ray heating in the ICM
Mateusz Ruszkowski
University of Michigan

2:50 PM
Shock Waves in the Outskirt of Galaxy Clusters
Dongsu Ryu
Ulsan National Institute of Technology


3:35 PM
Cluster outskirts as a gateway to the physics of particle acceleration and magnetogenesis
Franco Vazza
University of Hamburg

4:00 PM
Re-acceleration Model for Radio Relics in Galaxy Clusters
Hyesung Kang
Pusan National University

4:25 PM
New Models of the Sausage Relic
Julius Donnert
University of Minnesota

4:50 PM
Discussion Session II

5:20 PM
Workshop Ends for the Day

6:00 PM

Banquet for ICM workshop participants
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