University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

High Energy Theory Lunchtime Seminar

Friday, October 16th 2015
Speaker: David Curtin (Maryland)
Subject: Towards a No-Lose Theorem for Naturalness

Theories of neutral naturalness can realize untuned solutions to the hierarchy problem while avoiding LHC current exclusion bounds on colored top partners. Their unusual signatures demonstrate the range of phenomena that can connected to stabilizing the electroweak scale, motivating searches for displaced vertices, exotic Higgs decays and emerging jets. I will give an overview of how to constrain these theories experimentally, and present recent work toward deriving a phenomenological model-independent 'no-lose theorem' for perturbative solutions to the hierarchy problem which rely on top partners, including neutral naturalness. This lends strong model-independent motivation to build both proposed future lepton and 100 TeV colliders, since both are needed as discovery machines of general naturalness.

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