University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

High Energy Theory Lunchtime Seminar

Friday, October 30th 2015
Speaker: Yonatan Kahn (Princeton)
Subject: The Goldstone and Goldstino of Supersymmetric Inflation

I construct an effective field theory (EFT) for the minimal degrees of freedom of supersymmetric inflation. These can be viewed as the goldstone of spontaneously broken time translations, and the goldstino of spontaneously broken SUSY, both of which are tied together in an interesting way through the structure of the SUSY algebra. I will outline some phenomenological consequences of the leading-order Lagrangian, including a modified goldstino/gravitino dispersion relation and a time-dependent gravitino mass phase. Finally, I will describe schematically the possible contributions of goldstino loops to inflationary correlators.

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