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semester, 2009

Thursday, January 1st 2009
Monday, January 19th 2009
Friday, March 20th 2009
Friday, May 8th 2009
12:00 pm:
Thesis Defense in 435 Physics
Speaker: Alex Levchenko, University of Minnesota
Subject: Transport properties of low-dimensional mesoscopic conductors: interplay of disorder, interaction and fluctuation effects
Monday, May 25th 2009
08:00 am:
University Closed
Tuesday, May 26th 2009
Thursday, August 6th 2009
10:30 am:
Thesis Defense in 435 Physics
Speaker: Sergiy Dubynskiy, University of Minnesota
Subject: Strong dynamics near open heavy flavor thresholds, hadronic molecules and hadroquarkonium
Thursday, August 27th 2009
Tuesday, September 22nd 2009
10:00 am:
Thesis Defense in 404 Walter
Speaker:  Jun Kyung Chung, University of Minnesota
Subject: The chain length dependence of correlations in polymer blends
Wednesday, September 23rd 2009
1:15 pm:
Thesis Defense in 182 Amundson Hall 
Speaker: Chunyong He, University of Minnesota
Subject: Doping fluctuation-driven magneto-electronic phase separation in La1-xSrxCoO3 single crystals
This is the public portion of Mr. He's thesis defence.
Thursday, September 24th 2009
10:00 am:
Thesis Defense in 435 Physics
Speaker: Jennifer Docktor, University of Minnesota
Subject: Development and Validation of a Physics Problem-Solving Assessment Rubric
This is the public portion of Ms. Docktor’s thesis defense
Sunday, September 27th 2009
1:00 pm:
Physics Fall Picnic in Boom Island Park
Thursday, December 3rd 2009
3:00 pm:
Thesis Defense in Haselmo Hall, 2-101
Speaker: Roman Agafonov, University of Minnesota
Subject: Structural dynamics of the myosin force-generating region
This is the public portion of Mr. Agafonov's thesis defence.
Monday, December 7th 2009
12:10 pm:
Thesis Defense in Physics 157
Speaker: Lei Dai, University of Minnesota
Subject: Wave Dynamics in the Geomagnetic Tail.
This is the public portion of his Ph.D. thesis defense.
Thursday, December 10th 2009
09:00 am:
Thesis Defense in Physics 435
Speaker: Xinjie Qiu, University of Minnesota
Subject: Advanced analysis and background techniques for the cryogenic dark matter search
This is the public portion of Mr. Qiu's thesis defence.
Wednesday, December 16th 2009
1:30 pm:
Thesis Defense in Physics 435
Speaker: Charlie Blackwell, University of Minnesota
Subject: Effects of nanocrystalline silicon inclusions in doped and undoped thin films of hydrogenated amorphous silicon
This is the public portion of Mr. Blackwell's thesis defense.
Thursday, December 17th 2009
Tuesday, December 22nd 2009
10:00 am:
Thesis Defense in 435 Physics
Speaker: Yu Chen, University of Minnesota
Subject: Magnetic field tuned nonequilibrium transport in Zn nanowires
This is the public portion of Yu Chen's thesis defense.
Thursday, December 24th 2009
Friday, December 25th 2009

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