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Spring Semester

Friday, January 1st 2010
Wednesday, March 10th 2010
5:00 pm:
Van Vleck Lecture in 150 Physics
Speaker: Anton Zeilinger, Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information, University of Vienna
Subject: Quantum physics
Thursday, April 1st 2010
3:00 pm:
Refreshments will be served
Tuesday, April 6th 2010
4:40 pm:
Thesis Defense in 143 Physics
Speaker: Mitchell Ahrens, University of Minnesota
Subject: Neutrinos and Plastic Bottles: A Measurement of the Rate of Water Vapor Diffusion Through HDPE and Buna-N
This is the public portion of Mr. Ahrens' Thesis Defense
Monday, April 19th 2010
4:40 pm:
Speaker: Tanner Prestegard, University of Minnesota
Subject: Effect of Hadron Calorimeter Segmentation on Electron Identification in the Compact Muon Solenoid.
This is the public portion of Mr. Prestegard’s Senior Honors Thesis Defense
Tuesday, April 20th 2010
4:40 pm:
Speaker: Brian Moth, University of Minnesota
Subject: Simulation of a newly discovered liquid crystal phase
Monday, April 26th 2010
4:40 pm:
Speaker: Tyler Hennen, University of Minnesota
Subject: Magnetic Force Macroscopy
This is the public portion of Mr. Hennen’s Senior Honors Thesis Defense
Wednesday, April 28th 2010
4:40 pm:
Speaker: David Stark, University of Minnesota
Subject: The Recovery of Massive Stars from Giant Eruptions
This is the public portion of Mr. Stark’s Senior Honors Thesis Defense
Thursday, April 29th 2010
4:40 pm:
Speaker: Adam Peterson, University of Minnesota
Subject: Muon Calorimetry in the CLEO-c Experiment
This is the public portion of Mr. Peterson’s Senior Honors Thesis Defense
Friday, April 30th 2010
10:00 am:
Speaker: Grant Remmen, University of Minnesota
Subject: Distortion of Black Holes caused by motion relative to the Cosmic Microwave Background
This is the public portion of Mr. Remmen’s Senior Honors Thesis Defense
Monday, May 3rd 2010
4:40 pm:
Speaker: Niclole LaHaye, University of Minnesota
Subject: Observation of the Moses Effect in Pure and Salt Water Solutions
Students are welcome to read the paper and come discuss! (Professors are less welcome.)
Thursday, May 6th 2010
4:40 pm:
Speaker: Nathan Mirman, University of Minnesota
Subject: Study of Bin Migration in Z Boson Rapidity Measurement at CMS
Monday, May 10th 2010
Tuesday, May 11th 2010
1:00 pm:
Thesis Defense in 236 Physics
Speaker: Edwin Scott Bowman, University of Minnesota
Subject: Linear Sigma Model at Finite Temperatures and Chemical Potentials
This is the public portion of Mr. Bowman’s Thesis Defense
Saturday, May 15th 2010
Monday, May 24th 2010
Monday, May 31st 2010

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