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Fall Semester

Monday, September 1st 2014
Tuesday, September 16th 2014
7:00 pm:
Misel Public Lecture in McNamara Alumni Center
Speaker: Andrei Linde, Stanford University
Subject: Universe or Multiverse?
Faculty Host: Keith Olive
Wednesday, September 17th 2014
10:30 am:
Thesis Defense in PAN 110
Speaker: Jeff Klein
Subject: Design, Implementation, and Calibration of Half-Wave Plate Polarimetry for the E and B Experiment
This is the public portion of Mr. Klein's thesis defense.
Tuesday, October 21st 2014
7:00 pm:
Café Scientifique in Bryant Lake Bowl
Speaker: Michel Janssen, University of Minnesota
Subject: Café Scientifique: Einstein: The Old Sage Versus Young Turk
Thursday, October 30th 2014
11:20 am:
Thesis Defense in PaN 110
Speaker: Kevin Christie, University of Minnesota
Subject: Non-equilibrium spin accumulation in Co_2 Fe_x Mn_(1-x) Si/GaAs heterostructures
This is the public portion of Mr. Christie's thesis defense.
Tuesday, December 9th 2014
10:00 am:
Thesis Defense in 120 PAN
Speaker: Justin Hietala, University of Minnesota
Subject:  Ds Semileptonic Decays
This is the public portion of Mr. Hietala's Thesis Defense.
Thursday, December 11th 2014
1:30 pm:
Thesis Defense in 130 PAN
Speaker: Tom Hofer, University of Minnesota
Subject: Development of CDMS-II Surface Event Rejection Techniques and Their Extensions to Lower Energy Thresholds
This is the public portion of Mr. Hofer's Thesis Defense.
Friday, December 12th 2014
Speaker: Agnes Mocsy, Pratt Institute
Subject: On Being a Woman in Physics: My Experiences Where the Sidewalk Ends
Talk is at 1 pm. Lunch (by reservation) is at 12:30
Thursday, December 18th 2014
08:00 am:
09:30 am:
Thesis Defense in 120 PaN
Speaker: Scott Fallows, University of Minnesota
Subject: Measurement of Nuclear Recoils in the CDMS II Dark Matter Search
This is the public portion of Mr. Fallows Thesis Defense
Thursday, December 25th 2014
Friday, December 26th 2014

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