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Wednesday, June 6th 2007
4:00 pm:
Speaker: Dr. Sergey Y. Tetin, Abbott Laboratories
Subject: Antigenic Epitopes on Peptides and Proteins

Antigenic Epitopes on Peptides and Proteins
by Sergey Y. Tetin (Core R&D, Diagnostic Division, Abbott)
An antigenic epitope is the area on protein surface that interacts with the complementary area (paratope) on the surface of the antibody binding domains. It participates in electrostatic interactions, hydrophobic interactions and hydrogen bonding with the antibody and also contains residues responsible for the correct geometry of the surface, its malleability and structural dynamics. There are also buried "second sphere" residues that carry a strong supporting role. In this presentation I will discuss various experimental approaches including combinations of fluorescence based techniques, site-directed mutagenesis and protein NMR that can be used for epitope identification and structure-function analysis.

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