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Wednesday, September 17th 2014
Speaker: Andrei Linde, Stanford University
Subject: Inflation and cosmological attractors
Refreshments served in Room 216 Physics after colloquium

Observational data from WMAP and Planck 2013 provided strong support to the theory of the cosmological inflation. They also stimulated a search for new inflationary models. One of the most puzzling results was that two completely different inflationary theories, the Starobinsky model and the Higgs inflation model, give nearly identical observational predictions, which provide a perfect fit to the Planck results. Recent investigations revealed the existence of several broad classes of inflationary models which make similar predictions. We called them "the cosmological attractors". Further studies have shown that the predictions of these models may have more than one attractor points. I will describe these theories and their advanced versions based on the models with conformal and superconformal symmetries.

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