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Wednesday, October 22nd 2014
3:35 pm:
Speaker: Michael Zudov, University of Minnesota
Subject: Magnetotransport in two-dimensional systems
Refreshments served in Room 216 Physics after colloquium

High-mobility 2D electron systems realized in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells exhibit a rich variety of fascinating phenomena which emerge when the system is subject to magnetic fields and low temperatures, as well as microwave and/or dc electric fields. In the first part of my talk I will give an overview of the progress in this field over the past decade, focusing on our efforts over the last few years, and discuss some open issues. In the second part, I will present our recent results on magnetotransport in a 2D hole gas hosted in Ge/SiGe quantum wells, including first observations of fractional quantum Hall states and non-eqilibrium phenomena, as well as a new anisotropic phase which emerges in tilted magnetic fields.

Faculty Host: Priscilla Cushman

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