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Monday, September 22nd 2014
1:35 pm:
CM Journal Club in 210 Tate
Speaker: Marc Schulz, University of Minnesota
Subject: Effective Quantum Dimer Models

The long-standing problem of the nature of the ground-state in the anti-ferromagnetic spin-1/2 Heisenberg model on the Kagome lattice has triggered manifold efforts.The results of different approaches do not coincide and thus display a playground of further analysis, focusing on different derivations of effective low-energy models. In my presentation, I'll discuss the approach to derive effective quantum dimer models [1], whose extensive numerical studies have predicted the ground state to be a valence bond solid [2] in contradiction to recent variational results of the density-matrix renormalization group [3]. If time allows, I'll discuss a recent non-perturbative derivation of an effective quantum dimer model going beyond the first presented approach, which eventually predicts a topological spin liquid as ground state [4].

[1] Schwandt, M. et al., PRB 81, 214413 (2010)
[2] Poilblanc, D. et al. PRB 81, 180402(R) (2010)
[3] Depenbrock, S. et al., PRL 109, 067201 (2012)
[4] Rousochatzakis, I. et al., PRB 90, 100406(R) (2014)

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