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Monday, October 6th 2014
12:15 pm:
Speaker: Kyle Willett, University of Minnesota
Subject: Clustering of active galactic nuclei and the blazar population

Both observations and simulations of the matter distribution in the Universe reveal extensive large scale structure, characterized by clusters, filaments, and voids that are traced out by galaxies. Measurements of the large-scale clustering amplitudes provide limits on the relationship between the mass of the dark matter halo and the galaxies within. Small-scale clustering (at Mpc separations) probes the physics of galaxy interaction and evolution. For galaxies that contain accreting black holes, clustering measurements of the active galactic nuclei (AGN) constrain the relationship between the black hole mass and various methods of triggering its activity. I will present results from a recent workshop on AGN clustering, including measurements of the luminosity dependence and shifts based on different AGN selection methods. Finally, I will show our results on the small-scale clustering of blazars, showing that clustering does not distinguish between the flat-spectrum radio quasar and BL Lac populations.

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