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Monday, September 29th 2014
1:00 pm:
CM Journal Club in 210 Tate
Speaker:  Jian Kang, University of Minnesota
Subject: Quantum Phase Transitions of Metals in 2+1 Dimensions

The discovery of high Tc cuprates has sparked intense interest in the interplay between fermions and bosons in two spatial dimension. This talk will introduce the recent progress on the spin-fermion model with large N approximation. I will show that the Hertz theory fails when the system is close to the quantium critial point by simple scaling argument. More emphasis will be put on the introduction of field theoretic renormalziation group analysis at quantum critical point. The theory will be shown to be ill defined at the citical point by calculating the anomalous dimension. Furthermore, the expansion in 1/N fails for the problem at the higher order of loop diagrams. During the talk, I will focus on the QPT for spin density wave (SDW) with nonzero Q. [1] M. A. Metlitski and S. Schdev, PRB 82, 075127 and 075128.

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