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Monday, November 3rd 2014
1:00 pm:
CM Journal Club in 210 Tate
Speaker: Michael Schuett
Subject: Quantum Phase Transitions of Metals in 2+1 Dimensions Part II

This talk will be a continuation of the presentation given by Jian Kang. The system of interest is the Spin-Fermion (SF) model which is believed to be relevant for the understanding of the high Tc superconductivity observed in the cuprates. I will start my presentation by reminding you on the derivation of the failing of the large N approach, previously shown by Jian following Ref. [1]. I will then, following Ref. [2], motivate modifications to the original SF model, which will allow for an effective low energy field theory describing the QPT. If time allows i will briefly explain the arising d-wave superconductivity and the QDW-state that is predicted by the theory. [1] M. A. Metlitski and S. Schdev, PRB 82 075128. [2] K.B. Efetov, H. Meier and C. Pepin, Nature Phys. 9 442 (2013).

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