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Wednesday, December 3rd 2014
1:25 pm:
Nuclear Physics Seminar in 435 Physics
Speaker:  Cheng-Hsien Li, University of Minnesota
Subject: Wave-Packet Treatment of Detection Rate in Accelerator Neutrino Experiments

Neutrinos are treated as point particles in Monte Carlo simulations for predicting experimental observables. In this talk, possible conflict between point-particle and wave-packet pictures in accelerator neutrino experiments will be presented. Starting from the 3D solution of a Gaussian wave packet, the detector counting rate is derived using simple quantum-mechanical treatment. Considering the geometric setup and beam profile similar to the MINOS and NOvA experiments, it is demonstrated that the transverse spreading of a neutrino wave packet would result in a shifted energy spectrum from that predicted in point particle scenario if the wave packet acquires an initial transverse width a_t \lesssim 10 fm from pion decay. Absence of such spectral shift in current or future experimental data could in turn constrain the initial transverse width of a neutrino wave packet from pion decay.

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