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Monday, October 26th 2015
12:45 pm:
Speaker: Marcos A. Garcia, University of Minnesota
Subject: No-scale inflation

Since the building-blocks of supersymmetric models include chiral superfields containing pairs of effective scalar fields, a multifield approach is particularly appropriate for models of inflation based on supergravity. We discuss two-field effects in no-scale supergravity models, showing that no-scale models naturally yield Planck-friendly results, in the form of an effective Starobinsky potential for the inflaton, or through a reduction of r to very small values, r<<0.1, due to an enhancement of the scalar power spectrum, in a model with a quadratic potential. We finally discuss inflaton decays and reheating bounds on inflation, including scenarios where the inflaton possesses direct Yukawa couplings to MSSM fields, and where the inflaton decays via gravitational-strength interactions.

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