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Friday, October 2nd 2015
11:00 am:
Speaker: D. Basov, UCSD
Subject: Interacting polaritons in van der Waals atomic layered materials
Please note change of day for the CM seminar, this week only.

Layered van der Waals (vdW) crystals consist of individual atomic planes weakly coupled by vdW interaction, similar to graphene monolayers in bulk graphite. These materials reveal diverse classes of light-matter modes (polaritons) including: surface plasmon polaritons in graphene, hyperbolic phonon polaritons in boron nitride, exciton polaritons in MoS2, cooper pair plasmon polaritons in high-Tc cuprates, topological plasmon polaritons and many others. I will overview recent nano-optical investigations conducted in our group aimed at probing interactions between different types of polaritons in artificial structures comprised of dissimilar vdW atomic layers.

Fei et al. Nature 487, 82 (2012)
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Faculty Host: Andrey Chubukov

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