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Thursday, October 29th 2015
3:35 pm:
Physics and Astronomy Colloquium in 230 STSS/Bruininks Hall
Speaker: Claudia Scarlata, University of Minnesota
Subject: Galaxy formation from a different perspective
Refreshments to be served outside 230 SSTS after the colloquium.

Our understanding of the formation and evolution of galaxies has been revolutionized in the past decade. Galaxies' growth is now thought to be regulated by the physics of baryons, through a self-regulating process wherein the star-formation rate, the gas accretion rate, and the gas outow rate all satisfy a slowly evolving equilibrium condition. However, there are still a number of problems/open questions with these baryon-dominated models, particularly when low-mass galaxies are looked at in detail. I will present recent results from the WFC3 Infrared Spectroscopic Parallel Survey (WISP) that we are conducting on the Hubble Space Telescope. This large program is identifying thousands of galaxies across a wide range of redshifts, spanning more that two thirds of the age of the universe. Our survey provides a selection function that is independent of galaxy stellar mass, and thus allows the study of those low mass objects that are mostly affected by energy feedback. These are the galaxies that provide the strongest constraints on galaxy formation models. I will also discuss our results in the context of future space based surveys such as Euclid and WFIRST-AFTA.

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