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Wednesday, September 9th 2015
1:25 pm:
Speaker: Joseph Falson, MPI, Stuttgart
Subject: Electron correlation physics revealed in high mobility MgZnO/ZnO heterostructures

The two-dimensional electron system (2DES) hosted at the interface of MgZnO/ZnO now displays electron mobilities exceeding 1,000,000 cm2/Vs and electron scattering times comparable to the best AlGaAs/GaAs 2DES. In this talk I will discuss the growth technology used to create such high quality devices and introduce the physical phenomena they host at low temperatures. These themes include interaction-induced renormalization of the spin susceptibility of carriers and how it reveals the new facets of the fractional quantum Hall effect, along with non-equilibrium phenomena, such as microwave-induced resistance oscillations.

Faculty Host: Michael Zudov

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