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Friday, November 6th 2015
2:30 pm:
Speaker: Charlotte Christensen, Grinnell University
Subject: Outflows and galactic recycling

The cycling of gas through galactic fountains links disks to halos. Here I use a suite of high-resolution simulations of galaxy formation to follow the outflow and re-accretion of gas. These simulations self-consistently generate outflows from the available supernova energy in a manner that successfully reproduces key galaxy observables including the stellar mass-halo mass, Tully-Fisher, and mass-metallicity relations. From them one can quantify the importance of ejective feedback, relative to the efficiency of gas accretion and star formation, to setting the stellar mass. I show that ejective feedback is increasingly important as galaxy mass decreases and that the effective mass loading factor is independent of redshift. By examining spatially-resolved gas loss and accretion, I show the extent to which outflows redistribute baryons through the disk and what fraction of outflowing material is later recycled.

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