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Tuesday, September 22nd 2015
4:30 pm:
CM Journal Club in PAN 120
Speaker: Marc Schulz

I will talk about a simple, paradigmatic example of how to understand exotic spin liquids (aka non-Abelian topological phases) in terms of more simpler ones as presented in Ref.[1]. The toric code model [2] will be used as a spin-1/2 lattice model giving rise to a (relatively) simple spin liquid. Using this as a starting point, a spin-1 model is constructed from the spin-1/2 model. Borrowing also explanations from Ref.[3], we shall see that the more complex spin liquid harbors topological excitations, which correspond to those of the (doubled) Ising theory.

[1] B. Paredes PRB 86, 155122 (2012)
[2] A. Y. Kitaev, Ann. Phys. 303, 2 (2003)
[3] B. Paredes, arXiv:1402.3567

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