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Friday, December 11th 2015
2:30 pm:
Speaker: Robert Benjamin, U Wisconsin-Whitewater
Subject: Two and a Half New Things about the Milky Way Galaxy

Galactic structure is a topic that is so old that it’s become new again. After a brief review of history and recent events in Galactic structure. I will discuss two (and a half) new results about the overall structure of the Galaxy that come principally from two on-going Galactic surveys at Wisconsin: GLIMPSE and WHAM. GLIMPSE (Galactic Legacy Infrared Midplane Survey Extraordinaire) is a high angular resolution (arcsec) mid-infrared survey of the Galactic midplane using the Spitzer Space Telescope. From this survey, I will present some new results from this survey on the non-axisymmetric structure of the stellar disk. WHAM is a lower angular resolution (degree) velocity-resolved H-alpha survey of the diffuse ionized gas in the Galaxy (and beyond). From this survey, I will present some new information about our local solar neighborhood and a potential large scale magnetized outflow. (The reason for the non-integer number of discoveries is that one of the things we’ve found about the Milky Way is known to some, but not generally accepted by all.)

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