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Friday, December 4th 2015
11:15 am:
Speaker:  Ming Li, University of Minnesota
Subject: Early Time Pressure Isotropization in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions from Color Glass Condensate.

I will briefly review the Color Glass Condensate framework, which was proposed to describe the high energy limit of hadronic wave functions. Its classical realization, the McLerran-Venugopalan[MV] model will be used to study the early time dynamics of relativistic heavy ion collisions. Within the MV model, we solve the classical Yang-Mills equations analytically via a near-field(small-\tau) power series expansion. Energy-momentum tensor of the gluon field is calculated to all orders under a leading Q^2 approximation. Our calculations favor an early pressure isotropization at the time of the scale Q_s^{-1}.

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