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Friday, December 11th 2015
11:15 am:
Speaker: Chen Hou, University of Minnesota
Subject: The ODT Model Of Photospheric Radius Expansion Bursts

A Type-I X-ray burst is the thermonuclear runaway that occurs on the surface of a neutron star in a binary system. Studies on these bursts are of great importance for understanding neutron stars, nuclear reactions and the equation of state of dense matter at low temperature. I will discuss a subset of X-ray bursts, photospheric radius expansion bursts, that is powerful to lift up the photosphere of the star with the simulations based on a new 1D turbulence model, ODT. The model is different in that the turbulent motion is implemented according to a stochastic process and an eddy event is represented by a measure-preserving map. I will compare the light curve, abundances, and turbulent motion development with a KEPLER model in which the traditional mixing length theory is applied. The light curves of both models will be compared with observational data.

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