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Monday, March 30th 2015
12:15 pm:
Speaker: Tova Yoast Hull, University of Wisconsin
Subject: Cosmic Ray Interactions: Implications for Nearby Starbursts

M82, NGC 253, and Arp 220 are often associated with each other due to similarities in the intense starburst environments contained within each galaxy. Dense concentrations of young massive stars, strong magnetic fields, and high radiation fields characterize their starburst nuclei. Additionally, both M82 and NGC 253 have been detected in gamma-rays with Fermi. Despite their similarities, the interstellar medium and effects of galactic winds differ in these galaxies. These distinctions are vital to understanding the cosmic ray populations and how their interactions produce the observed radio and gamma-ray spectra from each galaxy. I will discuss results of my single-zone models of the cosmic ray populations of the starburst nuclei and their implications for future gamma-ray and neutrino observations.

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